Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Owning a vehicle comes with various services that need to be regularly carried out to keep the vehicle running at its best for as long as possible. One of these is wheel alignments. Oftentimes we forget or overlook wheel alignments, as they don’t seem to be as “necessary” as some other services such as oil changes and brake jobs.

However, wheel alignments are a small service with one of the largest effects on the drivability of your vehicle, as well as the longevity of your suspension components. 

What is a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignments are precise realignments of different angles within your suspension system to ensure that your wheel is perfectly aligned with the road. 

When carrying out wheel alignments, the vast majority of technicians will use precise laser-guided alignment equipment and software to ensure a perfect alignment for your vehicle.

Vehicle on wheel alignment rack

Why Do I Need Wheel Alignments?

Over time, the components within your suspension will gradually fall out of alignment due to worn components, harsh driving, bumps/potholes, or collisions. This is bound to happen gradually to any vehicle, so wheel alignments are important for any type of vehicle on the road. 

When these components fall out of alignment, it can cause problems for the driver and possibly even safety issues if left unresolved. Proper alignment is important for ensuring your tires are contacting the road evenly, so driving without it will cause both your tires and suspension components to wear out much quicker. 

Benefits of Wheel Alignments

Better Drivability and Control

Those who have driven a vehicle with improper alignment may be familiar with the drift that it causes. With the wheels not perfectly aligned to the road, it can cause your vehicle to pull to the right or left, even when the wheel is in a straight position. 

This may seem harmless but can cause major problems in evasive driving or when turning, and land you in some dangerous situations. 

Increased Fuel Mileage

It’s been shown that a proper alignment can increase your fuel efficiency by up to 10%! This also means that driving on an improper alignment could be costing more than the alignment itself would. 

So if you’ve noticed a decline in your MPG, it may partly be a product of misaligned wheels.

Increased Tire Longevity

As stated before, improper alignment will cause certain parts of your tire to see excess wear, which can render them unsafe and unusable much faster than a vehicle with an alignment. 

While there are many other factors that influence the life of your tire tread, alignment is one of the largest and your alignment should be perfected whenever you install new tires on your vehicle.

Increased Suspension Longevity

Similar to tires, a bad alignment will cause excess stress on parts of your suspension and could cause bushings, springs, dampers, or other components to wear much quicker than you would like. 

The same also holds true regarding replacements. Any new major suspension components should be accompanied by an alignment to ensure you aren’t wearing out your new parts faster than you should. 

Smoother Ride

With your suspension aligned optimally, every part is working at its best. This means that your ride quality can improve greatly with an alignment. Bad alignment can cause jarring vibrations and unpredictable reactions, making your ride uncomfortable for both you and your passengers. 

Wheel Alignment at Micro Import Service

The expert technicians at Micro Import Service in Tucson have state-of-the-art equipment to get the perfect alignment for you every time! Call or schedule online with us today to experience the benefits of an accurate wheel alignment.