Best Toyotas for Gas Mileage

In an age where fuel economy has become a driving factor in vehicle purchases, both for financial and environmental reasons, many owners have shifted priority to finding a vehicle that’s going to get them the furthest on a single fill-up. 

Toyota has long been the producer of some of the most fuel-conscious vehicles on the road, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a hybrid as common on the road as the Prius model introduced by the brand over 25 years ago. This philosophy hasn’t changed for Toyota, as they offer more efficient vehicles than ever. 

In this article, we’ll go over five of the most efficient models you can find in a Toyota showroom today!

Corolla Hybrid – Up to 50 MPG Combined

A good place to start is one of Toyota’s most well-known and popular offerings, the Corolla. As the little brother to the Camry, the Corolla surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle as the single best-selling model of all time in 1997. 

Corollas have always been one of the more efficient vehicles on the market, but the modern iteration turns that up a notch with its hybrid trim. The CVT transmission combined with Toyota’s renowned hybrid technology means that, in its lowest trim, the 2024 Corolla Hybrid provides 53 highway and 46 city MPG.

White Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Camry – Up to 51 MPG Combined

While the larger Camry sedan used to be separated by its non-hybrid and hybrid trim levels, all Camry models now come standard with hybrid powertrains from the factory. 

This focus on electrification has made the Camry a promising choice for those looking for a reliable and practical sedan that checks the box on high MPG. Counterintuitively, the trim level that offers the best efficiency is also the lowest-cost trim available, the LE trim offering 53 city and 50 highway MPG according to Toyota. 

Red Toyota Camry

Prius – Up to 57 MPG Combined

Unsurprisingly, the Toyota Prius remains a popular choice for the MPG-conscious buyer. This model has long dominated the segment, albeit with increasing competition from other brands. Though it may not be as far ahead of the rest as it used to be, the Prius still provides the stellar efficiency and premium interior tech that made it such a popular choice in the first place.

The base model Prius trim, the LE, offers 57 city and 56 highway MPG. Each trim makes use of the same 2.0L I4 linked up to Toyota’s ECVT, or Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission, which uses the vehicle’s internal computers to select the best gear ratio for your situation. 

White Toyota Prius

RAV4 Prime – Up to 94 MPGe (Equivalent MPG), 38 MPG Gasoline-Only

Our first plug-in hybrid offering on the list, the RAV4 Prime provides a practical form factor and stellar fuel efficiency, netting up to 95 MPGe. Since the RAV4 Prime runs on a plug-in hybrid system rather than a traditional hybrid or internal combustion vehicle, its fuel efficiency is measured in equivalent MPG rather than standard MPG, which allows us to compare fuel economy between plug-in and non-electrified vehicles. 

Plug-in hybrids differ from traditional hybrids, as rather than just assisting passively, the battery and motors can sustain full-electric driving. While most hybrid batteries are tiny and rely completely on regenerative braking for charge, plug-in hybrids use much larger batteries that require external charging. Though this adds the extra hassle of charging, plug-in hybrids provide superior efficiency and performance. 

Red Toyota RAV4 Prime

Prius Prime – Up to 127 MPGe (Equivalent MPG), 52 MPG Gasoline-Only

Like its RAV4 counterpart, the Prius also got the plug-in hybrid treatment with the Prius Prime. The plug-in hybrid system provides up to 127 MPGe, which is a significant step up from the base Prius’ 57 MPG.

The Prime comes in at the top of Toyota’s lineup in terms of efficiency and proves why the brand has such a strong reputation for building economical vehicles. If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency, the Prius Prime provides an affordable plug-in hybrid option that offers an industry-leading range. 

Grey Toyota Prius Prime

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