Your tachometer displays one of the most important pieces of information about your vehicle, the current engine speed (revolutions per minute or RPM). While driving, it’s common to see this dial moving up and down as you accelerate and decelerate the car, the RPM should remain generally constant while idling. If you notice your RPM […]

In an industry as rich with change and new technologies as automotive, one thing has remained relatively untouched throughout the development and advancement of the modern automobile: the piston engine design. That’s not to say engines haven’t seen extensive innovation over the years, but the underlying principle that powers vehicles now is the same as […]

As more and more of our vehicles rely on electronics and computer-based systems rather than mechanical ones, the demand placed on our vehicle’s alternators and batteries will continue to increase.  Alternators play a critical role in the operation of our vehicles, from the computers that manage the engine to the spark plugs that ignite the […]

Few automotive terms reach the cult-like obsession from fans like Honda’s VTEC technology. From tuner forums to mainstream automotive media, VTEC is widely known for being the original variable valve timing technology, as well as eliciting surprised reactions from passengers as it kicks in with its iconic high RPM scream.  VTEC not only revolutionized performance […]

A car can emit a range of smells while operating, most of which are normal and not a cause for concern. Light exhaust odor is one of these common smells. For the most part, you can expect some exhaust odor from the outside of your car, but modern emissions systems greatly reduce the quantity of […]