Spark plugs fire consistently the entire time you drive your vehicle, and endure constant use over multiple years without replacement. It’s frankly amazing how long they can go without issue. However, just like any part within a car, spark plugs can and will wear down eventually and need replacement.  What are Spark Plugs? Before we […]

The longer you own your vehicle, the more in tune with the specific noises it makes you become. You know what sounds to expect when hitting the gas, taking a corner, or going over a speed bump. It gets to a point where you don’t think about the sounds your car makes at all unless […]

Are you tired of spending a fortune on gas? It may be worth it to look at some of Honda’s fuel-efficient offerings. Honda has a reputation for producing vehicles with excellent gas mileage. We did some of the work for you and picked out some modern Hondas that are great for commuters and travelers looking […]

While they differ in many ways, shocks and struts exhibit similar symptoms when they fail. If your vehicle is experiencing a bouncy and rough ride and difficulty controlling the vehicle, you may have worn or broken struts or shocks. If you’re worried you may have faulty shocks or struts, you might wonder if you can […]