In an age where fuel economy has become a driving factor in vehicle purchases, both for financial and environmental reasons, many owners have shifted priority to finding a vehicle that’s going to get them the furthest on a single fill-up.  Toyota has long been the producer of some of the most fuel-conscious vehicles on the […]

When many think of Nissan, it likely brings to mind the various commuter vehicles the brand has built its name on over the years. For others though, it may remind them of the storied past of Nissan’s performance-focused offerings.  Though S-chassis and Skyline models garner much of the attention, Nissan’s performance roots truly began earlier […]

Certain automotive manufacturers have developed a reputation for using specific engines or technologies in their vehicles, such as Porsche’s flat-sixes or Dodge’s supercharged V8s. One of the most notable examples of a brand that’s known for its unique motors is Subaru and its legendary boxer engine configuration. Subaru is currently the only brand to employ […]

When you think of a car’s transmission, you most likely group it into one of two categories: automatic and manual. And for the most part, this is the easiest and most accurate way to break it down. However, in recent years, we’ve seen more and more manufacturers stray from the traditional automatic and manual transmission […]

Your tachometer displays one of the most important pieces of information about your vehicle, the current engine speed (revolutions per minute or RPM). While driving, it’s common to see this dial moving up and down as you accelerate and decelerate the car, the RPM should remain generally constant while idling. If you notice your RPM […]